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About Us

The Valley of Las Vegas, Orient of Nevada meets on the first Thursday of each month except during the months of July and August. 

Meetings begin with dinner at 6:00pm followed by the Stated Meeting at 7:30pm.


Ill ∴ David O. Martinez, 33°, PGM
S∴G∴I∴G∴  In Nevada

Ill ∴ James D. Cole, 33°,
Sovereign Grand Commander


Meet the Team

Lodge of Perfection

Chapter of RoseCroix

Council of Kadosh


Lodge of Perfection

Lodge of Perfection

General Offices
(From Left to Right)
Eric Halberg, 32° -Tyler, John M. Pennington, III, 33°, - Almoner, James T. Greeley, III, 33°, - Treasurer, Michael Clark, 33°, - Secretary
Photo: David Bolshazy  Photography/Reel Media

Venerable Master: Michael Reinhardt, 32°

Senior Warden: Ill ∴ Charles Barone, 33°

Junior Warden: Phillip Michaelson, 32°, K؞C؞C؞H؞

Orator: Jacob Lewis, 32°, K؞C؞C؞H؞

Prelate: Michael Kurcab, 32°, K؞C؞C؞H؞

Master of Ceremonies: Keith Levinson, 32°

Expert: Robin Williams, 32°

Assistant Expert: Richard Legon, 32°

Captain of the Host: Christian Gliga, 32°

Trustee: Christopher West, 32°

Chapter of Rose Croix

Chapter of Rose Croix

Chapter of Rose Croix

Wise Master: Frances Dalog Sr, 32°

Senior Warden: Robin Williams, 32°

Junior Warden: Ill ∴ Charles Barone, 33°

Orator: Michael Kurcab, 32°, K؞C؞C؞H؞

M؞C؞: Phillip Michaelson, 32°, K؞C؞C؞H؞

Expert: Eric Halberg, 32°

Assistant Expert: Brett Williams, 32°

Guardian of the Temple: Al Navarro, 32° 

Standard Bearer: Art Valdez,32°

Trustee: Delmer Villaber, 32°

Council of Kadosh

Council of Kadosh

Commander: John Feustel, 32°, K؞C؞C؞H؞

1st Lt. Commander: Christopher West, 32°

2nd Lt. Commander: Richard Legon, 32°

Chancellor:Scott Kelley, 32°

Orator: James Fouts, 32°

Marshal of Ceremonies: Robert Adams, 32°

Turcoplier: Delmer Villaber, 32°

Draper: Phillip Michaelson, 32°, K؞C؞C؞H؞

1st Deacon: Alan Wise, 32°

2nd Deacon: Ill ∴ Charles Barone, 33°

Bearer of Beauseant: Jordan Dove, 32°

Bearer of White Standard: Seth Dyal, 32°

Bearer of Black Standard: Arthur Huffman, 32°

Sentinel: Ahmadullah Yusufzai, 32°

Trustee: Ill ∴,David Bechtel, 33°



Master of Kadosh: Keith Levenson, 32°

Prior: Richard Legon, 32°

Preceptor: Richard Rivera, 32°

Chancellor: A.J.  Bowley, 32°

Minister of State: Robert Pool, 32° 

Prelate: Bill Cookston, 32°

Master of Ceremonies       

Ricardo Limon, 32°

Expert: Phillip Michaelson, 32°, K؞C؞C؞H؞

Asst. Expert: Art Huffman, 32°

Captain of the Host: Brett Williams, 32°

Tyler: Thomas Whitcomb, 32°

Trustee: Ill ∴ Bruce Nelson, 33°

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